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Sean, if you care to know.
United States
I am a narcissistic asshole and long time lurker. handle with caution.
That certainly catches the eye doesn't it?

Well, I'm afraid that this is a rant, which is entirely unusual for me. I usually try to stick to journals that pertain to art or are at least minimally art related, but I think I'll lower the bar for this one.

I went to the mall today. Not of my own choice, but of necessity, as I had to deliver my mother to her mammogram appointment, conveniently located inches from the main mall building. I did not care to sit in a room full of cranky old women who were clearly not happy at the prospect of having their tits placed in a vice for the pleasure of a sadistic technician and a greedy medical industry, so I decided to see if any of my favorite shops were open at that time of day.

This is where I went wrong, instead of walking into the mall, I should have set it on fire. I stepped past a poster of a creepy pedophile reading "wont you be my neighbor?" to see that the mall is still mainly occupied by clothing. Nothing unusual there, but on further inspection, I discovered that the mall ONLY housed clothing. Gone were the wonderful book stores, the music stores, the video outlets, and even the dairy queen.

"This can't be!" I thought to my self. So I continued my investigation into the disappearance of my favorite businesses. What I discovered that the only businesses that were still making any money, were those that catered to those who might refer to themselves as "pimps" or "Ho's". There were several thong outlets, that had completely obliterated classy businesses such as "Victoria's secret", and even more places featuring clothing which wouldn't sufficiently cover someone half the age of those they were intended for. On the other hand, all outlets selling such male clothing as shirts, pants, and reasonable footwear could not be found. Instead, I found only those places that supplied various sports and gang paraphernalia, and shoes that were clearly five sizes larger than they claimed. My guess is that those who buy them are trying to misrepresent the size of their penises. For those of you who do not get the joke, ask, and I will clarify.

I understand that malls have always tended to cater to teenagers, due to the fact that they are usually easier plied than older, and often more intelligent, people. However, the current state of my local mall has lead me to a rather odd conclusion: SLUTS HAVE ALL THE MONEY.
Now, what truly irritates me about this arrangement, is that these people who are apparently making massive amounts of money in order to sustain an overpriced fashion industry, are not incorporated, and as such, I cannot invest my money in them. Not in any fashion where I might get a return for my investment at least. Aside from that, of course, they're eliminating businesses that cater to people with more than two functioning brain cells, and that is discrimination against not-quite-idiots.

Now, I don't blame the economy, the government, or any number of "pop culture channels" (MTV, BET, etc...). I feel that this is largely the fault of the American people, for not lynching people who demonstrate this incredibly stupid behavior (I'm not emo, I'm psycho, as I've been told by several people who refused to show me their psychiatric degrees).

now, the reason I've lowered the bar, is because there is a sufficient relation to art to follow. I am trying to think of a way to adequately lampoon the current state of affairs, and having little success. I'm thinking something along the lines of "then and now", but I'm not sure how to represent either "then" or "now". anyone got any ideas?

oh, if anyone is offended by this, feel free to chew me out, I could really use a good verbal assault right now, as I need to blow off some steam before I do something legally questionable.
  • Listening to: Denis Leary and George Carlin argue in my head.
  • Reading: don't know. my eyes won't focus.
  • Watching: the government take us down with it.
  • Playing: very seldom.
  • Eating: real food, if I can find any.
  • Drinking: not enough.

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